Hello, I'm Mario.

(Andrea Marini) motion designer/director

I am partnering with agencies, brands, studios and production companies for commercial projects. I am also involved in side projects within the art/experimental field.

You can keep up to date on my Instagram, where I post a mix of late night experiments and travel pictures.

Services ↴

Motion graphics

Infographics, explainers, ads, titles, tv packages, intros, animated keynotes, ledwalls.

Motion design for ads and corporate videos

Motion graphic for corporate videos, tv/youtube ads.

Animation for social/web campaigns

Animated banners, video banners, cinemagraphs, ads for Instagram, Facebook Canvas, websites, newsletters.

Events, conventions and expos

Complete package of multi screen/ledwall motion graphics for expos booth, keynotes, corporate/media events or product launches.

Mockup UI and animations for websites / apps

Animation r&d and mockup for web or apps animations.

Motion design applied to VR, AR, Video 360°

Available for AR/VR projects where is required the integration of motion graphics.

Business enquiries:
Italy\EU: studio@m-rio.it
Asia\China: carlotta@flatmind.cn

Member of DocCreativity network.